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% under 18. >>> how about this? we're 38 days away from the dreaded fiscal cliff. congress is ready to get back to work but can they really strike a deal before the clock runs out? we're live at the white house. >>> and black friday. it is not the only holiday cashing in. cyber monday, we had details on how to find the early on-line deals. stay right here. >>> an emergency at the u.s. state department today, the fire trucks raced to the area at 11 a.m., the flash fire forced people to evacuate, and sent three people to the hospital, one in serious condition. the good news is, not many people were in the building over the holiday weekend. >>> and the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, still out of reach. despite the congressional staffers working through the thanksgiving weekend. let's get athena jones in washington. athena, are they optimistic they can find common ground? >> reporter: well, they say they are, you know, with congress returning, and so far not much public evidence that there has been any real progress in the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. folks here in washington hope there ca
. and it looks like congress may be getting the message, too. a deal to avert the fiscal cliff is looking more likely. it is. but i've been disappointed by this congress before. millions of americans are counting on you, congress, to save their jobs and their financial futures. do it. we'll all be celebrating like scrooge on christmas morning.
members of congress to avertthe fiscal cliff has caused investors to run for the hills. take a look at the s&p 500 over the past 5 weeks. it probably resembles some of your investments, by the way. we don't know what is included in a deal to raise revenue instead of tax rates. but it's giving investors the heebie-jeebies. what are they worried about? they have a lot to do, the concerns have a lot to do with the expiration of the bush tax cuts, which could be painful for investors. capital gains taxes rise from 15% to 20% for most people who file taxes. taxes on dividends rise from 15% to your top income tax rate, which could be, depending on how much you earn, as much as $39.5%. given a lot of people rely on those for their income, it's no surprise to see some of the highest dividend yielding stocks get slammed in the past few weeks. as i have been saying, today, if we can get past this fiscal cliff standoff, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for b businesses to blossom and investors to make money. even if there are higher taxes on the horizon. mike is the chairman of hol
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about the dreaded fiscal cliff. leaders from the white house and congress are calling for a prelimary meeting and call constructsive so they can find an answer before everyone's taxes go up. we are joined by ben ferguson and mark lavine. thank you for joining us here on the holiday weekend. >> thank you, uma. nconservatives are blastinglet gop law makers who may be caving in on the issue of tax hikings. how do you see this shaping up? >> it is going to be a big fight. we have a lot of people saying we will nomit raise taxes on the conservative side and they are realizing there is it bipartisan support to get something done. and if you come in the negotiating room with extremes of we are not going to move. it hurts americans so what you are seeing now. you see them saying, hey, we'll look at possibly raising taxs and got to figure out how to do it many of them ran and said i will not raise taxes if you vote for me. and the fiscal cliff is going to have to take people getting in a room and saying together. we are going to work on a solution. we are both going to do things we don't want
the president and congress over the extension of the george bush tax cuts, raging the debt limit and potential of automatic cuts in spending. necessity of resolving these issues is what ben bernanke refers to as a fiscal cliff. it is likely these critical decisions will be given brief extensions so that the next president and congress will be saddled with making the decisions. as a second term president, obama would face obstacles rarely experienced by achieved executive returning to office where he would face sizable numbers of members of the senate and house who will not compromise. these present ominous clouds on the horizon for a second term for obama. other lessons obama and the electorate can learn from the experience of presidential history might give guidance for the resolution of this concern. first, however, it would be helpful to review obama's background and customary evaluation of him. his opponents and some of his supporters asked does barack obama have the leadership skills, experience, cultural background and temperament to deserve a second term as president of the united state
of a difference here in improving the economy other than fix being the fiscal cliff problem? >> i mean, part of what jim seems to be saying is that the economy is on not exactly a glide path but sort of already stumbling its way toward what needs to happen. and i always felt covering the campaign that that was sort of the dirty secret of both candidates' rhetoric was that neither of them really had a concrete achievable or constructive policy plan to move forward. it was really just sort of sit on your hands and hope things get better. pete: all right. thank you all very much. thank you. that will have to wrap it up for tonight. where leaving a bit early because it's pledge week. we like to think of it as giving you a chance to support your local pbs station. which in turn supports us. so be sure to check out our webcast extra. where we talk more about hillary clinton's last overseas trip. alongside president obama and what her future might look like. that's at pbs.org/washingtonweek. i'm pete williams. gwen ifill will be back around the table next week. on "washington week." good night. >>
to work this week. very busy, of course. top of the agenda, the fiscal cliff. 38 days and counting. in fact, that's how long we have until the country hits the so called fiscal cliff when automatic spending cuts go into effect. it is main focus in washington. maria cardona and amy holmes are back with me now to talk about this. saxby chambliss lashed out at grover nordqvist. nordqvist and his group are the ones that pushed that no new taxes pledge signed bay majority of republicans in congress. here's what chambliss says. i care more about my country than i do a 20-year-old pledge. he's willing to let the political consequences take care of themselves. raising taxes has been at the center of the fiscal cliff dispute. democrats demanding it. republicans saying no way. so amy, is this a sizable crack in the republican armor? >> we are seeing that the two sides are going to need to negotiate if we don't go over the fiscal cliff. i would point out that patty murray, a democratic senator from washington state says we should go over it, certainly in contrast to the rest of her party. so
is running out for the president and congress to avoid falling off that so-called fiscal cliff which would mean mandatory spending cuts, tax hikes for nearly all americans come january 1. president obama wants to raise tax rates on the top 2 or 3% income earners by letting the bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 a year, and take a look at this. the post election rasmussen poll find that americans are roughly split on that idea. 43% favor. 41 oppose it, 15 not sure. joining us now christine with the spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean and also president new communications, joins us, former republican manager and aid to the house leadership. christy, let me start with you. look at his news conference, you remember this, the president makes this big claim that a majority of americans, in fact, he said more than voted for him support his idea to raise taxes on incomes above 250. but that poll we just showed, just aired shows that's not true. they're split. his idea doesn't even have close to the support he claims, agreed? >> disagree, no. with all due resp
, but that doesn't mean a break in talks about the impending fiscal cliff. lobbyists are launching new tv print and radio ads. lawmakers are struggling to agree on a deficit cutting deal and now are facing added pressure from special interest groups. danielle lee has more from washington. >> reporter: congress may need to drown out the noise next week as they look more common ground to avoid $500 billion in tax increases. several unions launched an ad campaign, pressuring lawmakers to protect entitlement programs. >> for working families, it's not about cutting things we rely on most. >> reporter: advocates for the elderly, weaponsmakers, the oil and gas industry, even charity. >> congress has failed to do its job for the past ten years and they are so far continuing to fail to do their job. >> reporter: rick edleman worries the tug of war could end with no solution. a real possibility, as democrats reject spending cuts and republicans resist tax increases. >> if you're in congress, you can reduce taxes on january 2 relative to the new rates that prevail starting then. >> reporter: it's a dance
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of americans for tax reform, talked about the so- called fiscal cliff and the upcoming tax bills in congress. he will also talk about the 2012 election and recent meetings at the white house between congressional leaders and president obama. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> we are delighted to have grover norquist with us. of course, he is president of americans for tax reform but in the spirit of full disclosure, he is also a member of our board of directors and a very important colleague. grover spoke here several months ago, i should say here at the center, but not in this room because we moved -- there may be some glitches, so i apologize in advance. i am sure we will do better next time. however, grover talked about taxes, u.s. economic policy. but that was about taxes and the electoral campaign. now we had elections and the taxes are at the center of a very important political debate and at the center of negotiations between the obama administration and congress, particularly the republican controlled house. as i watched the president during his recent press conference and listened t
about these allegations. >>> if congress and president obama do not avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, california's slowly recovering economy could slow even more. state analysts say california's first projected budget surpluses in a decade could quickly turn into an $11 billion deficit unless a deal is struck. california would experience tax rate hikes and massive spending cuts. >>> the fiscal cliff could also endanger the future of charities. nonprofit organizations are telling washington they can't survive if their funding is slashed or if they made changes that would limit the incentives of making a donation. congress is considering a proposal that would cut from 35 to 28% the amount wealthy americans could write off in charitable donations. >> a 1% decline in giving to american higher education would result in a loss of $300 million a year to colleges and universities. >> nonprofits have launched a new lobbying effort, including a website asking charities to contact their members of congress. >>> a penny more a mile. that is what you will get under the new standard mileage rates
norquist, talking about the so-called fiscal cliff. later, a look at u.s./china relations as china elects new leaders in its 18th national congress. >> join us tonight for the evolution of facebook. he is an engineer who advise the ceo and talks about the developments on the social media side like time line in his feet. watson added 8:00 p.m. eastern here on system. with a change in our happen anymore. >> we will align ourselves with those that are bringing about this suffering. >> the white house is a pulpit. you ought to take advantage of it. >> this is nothing short of a public health crisis. >> he told me when someone have their own agenda. >> he just got ashamed. >> i think they serve as a window on the path to what is going on with american women. >> she becomes the chief confidante. she's the only one in the world the contrast. >> many of the women who were first lady were writers, journalists. >> they are more interesting as human beings than their husbands. if only because they are not first and foremost defined and limited by political ambition. >> dolly was both socially adept
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